Hair Care Tips for Fall 2022

Posted on Sep 20 2022

 Hair Care Tips for Fall 2022

You can't beat a good hair cut, but it's not always easy to find one. The best stylists know what works with your face shape and hair texture. Here are some tips to help you get the right look:

1. Don't go too short. If you're thinking about going shorter, ask your stylist how she's going to style your hair when she cuts it. You want a cut that looks fabulous when it's down and doesn't require a ton of styling products or blow drying time.

2. Make sure your ends are healthy. Your ends need more TLC than the rest of your hair, so be sure to shampoo them regularly and apply conditioner from root to tip before rinsing out the product so that you don't miss any spots (a trick I learned from my hairdresser).

3. Use a heat protector before styling with hot tools like curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers. There are plenty of options available at the drugstore, but if you're using a lot of these tools on a regular basis, invest in salon-quality products that won't damage your strands over time (I'm talking about you, straighteners).

4. Your shampoo and conditioner should also change depending on what season it is outside. During summer, you want something light that will hydrate your scalp without weighing it down with extra oil or moisture. In winter, it's important to use products that will protect your scalp from cold weather damage while still keeping it moisturized enough so that it won't get flaky or itchy when exposed to extreme temperatures outside. If you're unsure what product is right for you, swing by Bella Off Main in oldtown Bellevue. Our stylist Leydi will make sure to get you taken care of!